Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#last90days Update

Alright, so I blew it in terms of throwing updates here and there on my progress. Actually, after running a PFT back in late April and pretty much already being at my goals I lost all motivation to continue with the goal. I hit 87 crunches in 2:00 min (horrible, 13 under my goal... tip: pace yourself and you will succeed), 24 pull-ups, and an 18:37 three mile run time. I'm not up in arms about not hitting my goal for the crunches or the three mile time: first, last week there was a partial IST held at the recruiting station in which I cranked out 137 crunches in 2:00 min (told you, it's about how you pace yourself); second, that three mile time is coming off of very little base (endurance) so with several months of 20-30 mi/week of running I should see that time drop significantly.

Here are my goals before shipping to boot camp:
150+ crunches in 2:00 min
30+ pull-ups
17:00 min three mile time (I'm at 4600ft elevation for any runners who may be reading this)

The plan:
Finish out last year of college. Graduate. Enlist with the Marine Corps. Ship to boot camp (hopefully May 2016). Be badass enough to be considered for Recon. Attend BRC, become 0321, then go for Raiders (MARSOC). If not Recon then I'll serve in the Infantry for a little bit before looking into a lateral move to Human Counter-Intelligence, but Raiders is still the ultimate end goal in the military for me.

Why military? Why Marines? Well, I've always been drawn to the military; either for biological or evolutionary reasons. I couldn't give a straight answer if I wanted to. I just feel a pull... a calling. Marines because their Principles and Values resemble that of the Samurai and Spartans the most; those two cultures have been major influences on the development of my person. Warrior cultures. Serving others. Live and die by the sword. Come back with your shield or on it. Loyalty. Honor. Courage. Commitment... Physically, I'll be ready. Mentally, I honestly can't say I'll be ready or not. All I can say is that waiting nearly a year for all this to happen will be torture for several reasons. But I'm incredibly motivated right now. Every day I'm investing in myself in the hopes of becoming a better person. We shall see if it pays off.

For anyone who may be reading this...
If I am ever some sort of influence let it be this: never give up. In life we all get knocked down, we all make mistakes, we all have those moments in which we feel like complete failures; that maybe we should just throw our hands up and quit. Don't. Don't ever give up! It's all about your mentality; the perspective you use to look at life. Continue striving. Continue to better yourself. Help others so that they may be inspired in the same way and then return the favor to yet more people. Live with purpose. Make your dreams a reality.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

#last90days Goals Defined

Today is just a defining of my goals for the next ninety days (now 89 I guess). Posting is merely a means of attributing a greater responsibility towards these goals in the hopes of increasing the drive towards actual completion.

For the fitness goals, I figured since I'll be enlisting with the Marines I should make a perfect PFT (Physical Fitness Test) score a priority right off the bat. I've included another goal just for kicks. These goals are:
  • 20+ pull-ups
  • at least an 18 min 3mi run
  • 100 sit-ups in 2 min. 
  • 100 yd walking handstand without stopping (just for kicks)
In regards to my reading goal, I'm looking to read 100 pages a day; this can be fulfilled by books I check out, textbooks for class, scholarly articles, informative PDF's (i.e. if I'm reading to increase my knowledge in some area such as Track and Field, Strength Conditioning, Endurance Training, etc.), etc.

For updates, I'm not exactly sure what to post or how often I will post, yet. But time will tell.



I have a collection of motivational videos I've uploaded to my iPod and listen to know and then. One of my favorite quotes goes like this:

"How much time do you spend working on you? How much time do you spend everyday working on your dream? In the last ninety days, how many books have you read? In the last year, what new skill or knowledge have you acquired? What kind of investment have you made in you?"

For the next ninety days I will be investing in myself like never before. The two major goals right off the bat are general fitness (strength, endurance, physique, etc.) and reading as much as possible. Results will be posted regardless of success/failure. Stay tuned ‪#‎last90days‬