Sunday, March 15, 2015

#last90days Goals Defined

Today is just a defining of my goals for the next ninety days (now 89 I guess). Posting is merely a means of attributing a greater responsibility towards these goals in the hopes of increasing the drive towards actual completion.

For the fitness goals, I figured since I'll be enlisting with the Marines I should make a perfect PFT (Physical Fitness Test) score a priority right off the bat. I've included another goal just for kicks. These goals are:
  • 20+ pull-ups
  • at least an 18 min 3mi run
  • 100 sit-ups in 2 min. 
  • 100 yd walking handstand without stopping (just for kicks)
In regards to my reading goal, I'm looking to read 100 pages a day; this can be fulfilled by books I check out, textbooks for class, scholarly articles, informative PDF's (i.e. if I'm reading to increase my knowledge in some area such as Track and Field, Strength Conditioning, Endurance Training, etc.), etc.

For updates, I'm not exactly sure what to post or how often I will post, yet. But time will tell.


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