Monday, August 5, 2013

The Ideal House

I’d love to live in an area that is lusciously green, with mountains full of evergreens, and near the coast (no more than a mile away). I’d be in an area that is secluded for living but not be too far from town so getting supplies isn’t a hassle. A temperate area would be best as the weather is neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer; it’s comfortable year round.

The House: 
As I said, it’d be in a secluded area so I wouldn’t really have neighbors. The house would be on a small hill with a dirt pathway leading up to it. It’d be in a clearing surrounded by trees, but of course there would be trees closer to the house as well but more spread out. I like two storied houses, but I think I’d rather have a single story house. The garage would be on the south side, but I’d only use it to park my car on stormy days; every other day the car would be outside so I could use the garage for my projects (cabinets, bookshelves, art, etc.). The entrance would be on the west side so it would be in the shade for the first half or so of the day, but in the evening it watches the sun set.

The Interior: 
The kitchen and living room are next to each other  though divided by the counters of the kitchen. Most of the interior of my house is wood with a rich stain color (of course not all the same – the floor a different shade than the cabinets and so on); the kitchen cabinets included. The sink would be on the west side with a window above it, the stove would be against the wall dividing the kitchen and the entrance with the refrigerator to its right. The counter dividing the kitchen and living room would be on the north end and with a marble top. The living room walls on the north side would be made of glass and have at least two windows on the west side to let as much light in as possible. Two couches make a 90 degree angle with a coffee table in front of them and a tv in the southeast corner.  Sliding glass doors make it possible to go out onto the deck looking out onto the pathway and into the surrounding trees (the deck snakes around the corner to the west side as well). The laundry room would connect with the garage on the north side and have a door leading to the hallway on the west side – a closet directly across from it. The hallway goes north to south – walking south, after the closet, on the right would first be my personal library/office – a room full of book shelves and a desk in the middle of the room (the chair facing the door) – then after would be the entrance and soon after the kitchen. On the left before the entrance would be the “public” bathroom, slightly after the entrance would be the guest room.  The hallway opens up once in the kitchen/living room and around the corner to the left would be where the master bedroom lies. The master bath would be in the northeast corner of the master bedroom, and the bedroom itself would have great windows on the east and south side to let as much of the early morning sun through; the bed itself would be against the south facing wall. Paintings and pictures would line the walls of my house, and maybe I’d have a few sculptures.

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