Sunday, September 15, 2013

YOLO: A Reworking

YOLO or You Only Live Once has most commonly referred to occasions of binge drinking, banging a certain number of persons, or engaging in the dangerous. These actions would be better categorized under UDOLO (You Only Die Once) or TTBADA (Time To Be A DumbAss). The former appeals to the selfish caring only for how they “go out” and so thrill themselves for the hell of it while the latter just does not think about the consequences. 

 Let us consider YOLO as a saying with deeper value instead. We only live once, so let us make the best of it by being the best we can be. Find something you love and do it because you love it, not because you may receive recompense. Have people in your life to dedicate your actions to; for every action there is a consequence, but think of how we might act if we considered first that we are doing it, not for, but in thought of a loved one – we do not live in the past but we act accordingly for these people so that we may continually strive to become better people and make our loved ones proud and smile upon us. 

Think of YOLO as an opportunity to do as much good in the world as you can. Think of it as your ability to give back to the world – and the people too – what has been bestowed upon you. 

For myself, I am tired of thinking I could do more; tired of thinking that I could have studied more or done some kind of work around the house or built something pragmatic; instead I sleep in or watch hour after hour of TV. I should be fat and dumb and ostracized by society; yet, I have retained most of my fitness from being a decathlete and football player, comprise of great intellect, and oddly enough am greatly accepted by most. A change is needed to justify what I possess. 

Our bodies, for the most part, have been designed to work, to move, to think. The hard working brilliant ones utilize these abilities while many are content with the technologies at hand. If we are to continue forward and progress then let us use these technologies, not for their apps, but for their practicality; let us use our bodies effectively to better work in and with our surroundings; and let us apply our brains to solving the problems of our world. 

YOLO, applied properly, is not an easy life… it’s actually the hardest thing you could possibly do for yourself as it is a daily effort to push yourself to live up to its real meaning:

Make life worth the daily fight. It’s time to live up to your greatest dreams.

Live To Love; Love To Live

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